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Press review : Jérôme Burrier for the magazine "Entreprendre"

Jérôme Burrier, CEO of ECA Nexia, gave an interview for the french magazine "Entreprendre" for a special article dedicated to "accounting and auditing firms : the closest advisors of leaders". Jérôme Burrier reaffirms ECA Nexia's commitment in supporting companies in every step of their development.

Throughout their development, companies are supported by consulting and auditing firms: creation, merger, acquisition, diagnosis, evaluation…Thanks to proximity with firms, various skills and expertises, and a watchfull-expert eye, consulting and auditing firms quite naturally became the preferred advisors of companies.

Being part of an international network enables French companies to be effectively supported abroad. So did ECA Nexia by joining the 10th global network of independant consulting an auditing firms las year. Jérôme Burrier, our CEO, explained how our firm grew the past few year iIn order to provide the services required for the good development of our customers’ businesses.

Translation of the interview of Jérôme Burrier :

With 8 partners and 64 people, this firm established in 1974 in Dijon knew a accelerated development since 2000s. With 1 300 customers and €8,7 million of fees, this firm is seen as a regional leader with an national and international scope. Interview with Jérôme Burrier, CEO.

What are your main expertises?
First of all, they are based on our customers’ activities as we are active in specific sectors such as wine-growing and wine-making, food processing, environment, healthcare, hospitality and catering. Our skills are equally shared between consulting and accounting on one hand, and contractual and statutory auditing on the other hand, with partners dedicated to each expertise. We assist business leaders in strategic thinking and also in the management of their own assets (notably transmission). They also appreciate our recommendations on their accounting, financial and administrative organization.

How would you define your other assets?
They reside in our closed relationships with our customers, our understanding of their business and thei needs, and also our great reactivity. We have therefore developed an extremely strong relationship with business leaders, building thus a mutual trust.

Your firm has an international dimension now…
To go further in supporting our clients abroad, we joined in 2016 Nexia International, the 10th global network of independent firms established in 110 countries. This integration has already enabled us to work successfully with member firms in India, Mexico and the USA. Constituted of 250 member firmes similar to ours, this network promotes homogeneous working method while respecting our latitude as an independent firm. Its 5 member firms in France represent more than 700 employees, 80 million euros in fees and cover an expanded range of expertises. It is for us the opportunity to offer a greater range of services to our own customers in France, or to offer our services to larger companies.

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