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Wine-growing & wine-making
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Wine-growing & wine-making

Culture, aging, vinification… So many different trades for a product iconic in our area. Wine holds an important place in the Burgundy region. Since the creation of the firm, our strong regional commitment and passion of the associates naturally led us to develop specific expertise in wine-growing and wine-making sectors. Our recognized expertise allows us to assist many companies in France and overseas.

Our deep understanding of the entire industry, from planting to marketing, allows us to have a technical approach to your business coherent with the realities of the sector.

Chartered Accounting You want a clear and concise overview of the accounting situation of your operation. Audit You are looking for support and guidance as part of a new acquisition. Legal and fiscal advice Installing a young farmer? Jointly run farms? Agricultural LLC? Agricultural Financial Grouping? You need advice about choosing your legal status. Social expertise Agricultural Social Assistance Association declarations, advice about TSA Additional Solidarity Tax, you want to entrust us with your social management.

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