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Nexia International welcomes new member firm in Libya

Nexia has added a new member firm Nassr Saleh Office for Chartered Accounting and Auditing (NSOCAA) in Libya.

With its main office in Tripoli, Nassr Saleh Office for Chartered Accounting and Auditing (NSOCAA) has 28 members of staff.

The firm provides accounting, auditing, tax and legal services. NSOCCA specialises in public companies.

Owner and CEO, Prof. Nassr Saleh Mohamad Ahmad, says: “As Nexia is one of the top ten networks in the world, getting knowledge and experience from Nexia will be a great value for us.”

Tim Wilson, Chief Executive of Nexia International, says: “We are pleased to welcome Nassr Saleh Office for Chartered Accounting and Auditing (NSOCAA) to our network. The firm provides a wide range of services, which will enable us to enhance Nexia’s presence in the region. We look forward to developing opportunities for the benefit of our member firms and their clients.’‘

To read the full press release, please click here.

Further information about the firm can be found here

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