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New partnership

In the early of 2017, we are glad to announce a new partnership between our firm and Dijon Etudes Conseils, a student association from Burgundy School of Business. Chartered accountant for this association since 2011, we wanted to go further in our assignment by offering our help to these students.

DEC-New partnership

Record from Philippe Fernandes, partner at ECA Nexia on the initiative of this partnership.

Why establishing this partnership ?

Established in Dijon, our firm ECA Nexia is involved and concerned about the development of local business environment. This involvement manifests through straight relationships with local institutions which train our profession and our companies’ futur. Within our capacity, we are involved in this training by welcoming interns every year. The Junior Entreprise seems to be a excellent way for students to develop and perfect their skills ; that’s why, as professional and as employer, we would like to contribute to the development of the next generation of entrepreneurs.

Why did you choose this association from BSB ?

As chartered accountant of this association, we are well aware of the stakes and issues they are exposed to. We also share common values : a strong regional influence, an international opening and excellence. We show a strong interest in supporting this association which share the same values than us.

How will this partnership work ?

We remain at the disposal of the DEC team to give them an external review and advice on the different projects they wish to submit to us. In any case, we will interfere in the decisions of DEC team ; it is important to empower students.

More information about Dijon Etudes Conseils

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